Paul Rondeau
Technology, Design, Culture, Constant Improvement
My name is Paul Rondeau and I just graduated from the University of Waterloo in Computer Engineering. As student I've completed 6 internships across Canada and the US, including multiple startups and larger companies like Nest Labs (Google).



A platform for neighbours in urban environments to connect in a new and meaningful way


A developer friendly API for companies to use to solve recurring optimization problems (Ex. Delivery Routing or Scheduling)

Leap Motion

An application that uses a Leap Motion Controller for data collection of a repetitve strain injury test
I am currently on the Integration Engineering team at Nest in Palo Alto, CA.


I'm always on the lookout for new and cool music, abusing too many music discovery services and I love seeing my favourite band live. Currently reading GEB; my favourite fiction authors include, Hesse and Vonnegut.
I'm always working on some sort of personal project or freelancing (check out my Github ); my most recent project is Liftcamp - micro-communities for urban apartments.
I love travelling and discovering new cultures across the globe. I recently completed an exchange program in Prague where I visited 13 European countries, my favourite being Iceland. I've also been around the globe to Singapore and Indonesia.
I'm into general fitness and working out as well as intramural sports, yoga and meditation. Everyday we must be better than the previous day in some regard; something I like to live by.